BilleTIC is a collaboration with the designer Natalia Gallo. The idea behind these didactic money tickets was to make a direct approach to small entrepreneurs who were unaware of the value that technological tools can give to their businesses.

Sample of a money ticket

Generating value

We realized that using money tickest to provide information was a good option, since this group continued to rely on paper money as a reliable method of trading, we decided to reinterpret them with faces of Relevant people from the technological industry along with quotes from each one, in the back you'll find tips and links to deepen more about how to adopt technologies to your business.


The design is based on Colombian bills of different value, this allowed an assimilation in our target audience, the bill also served as a pedagogical element, since the value of these is directly related to the recommendations found in the previous part, being the bills of greater denomination those that contain the most important changes to be made in a company to adopt in its business.