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  • Experiments

  • Experiments

While developing new skills comes interesting works that not only shows interesting results, but also is the continuation of improvement and experimentation

Image generation with A.I

close up shot of a realistic photographic woman fashion model wearing styling retro sunglasses, legendary epic great classic cinematic romantic scenic breathtaking fine detail perfect deep color rich vivid intricate detailed attractive futuristic stunning elite professional best directed full designed contemporary modern pleasing atmosphere gorgeous lovely dynamic dramatic nice sharp focus beautiful colorful reflected light background, iconic, glorious, symmetry, aesthetic, very inspirational, lively, excellent composition, open

rainy night, person holding and umbrella motion blur walking in front of a billboard mockup, highly detailed, animated, intricate, sharp focus, dramatic light, crisp detail, cinematic, complex, elegant, confident, open, bright, inspired, transparent, iconic, extremely inspirational, composed, deep color, amazing, determined, epic, incredible, thought, elite, artistic

Negative promp

unrealistic, saturated, high contrast, big nose, painting, drawing, sketch, cartoon, anime, manga, render, CG, 3d, watermark, signature, label

kodak 400, woman, 3/4 pose, puffer, jacket, eyes, nose, lips, modern, electronic music, digital --style raw

Photo Edition with A.I.

Created with love, passion and design ♥

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