ProSurge JA is a electrical surge company located in Kington, Jamaica, I was in charge of making the brand identity.

Packaging and product


Prosurge JA has been in the Jamaican market for more than 30 years, stands out from the competition for its quality and has two flagship products, working with a company that has a long history makes us consider more variables when making a design proposal, the perception of people towards the product and its reputation are key during the design process of the company's identity.

A design

We designers face various situations where the study of the context leads us to make decisions where the best intervention is the one that does not transgress the brand, this was the case of ProSurge JA, since it has products with an already established reputation, for what proposals that separate the product from the existing niche can lead to losses in sales and position in the market.

Brand proposal

The solution offered to ProSurge JA was to create a logo to integrate it on existing and future products, accompanied by a marketing campaign and POP elements that are related to strategic allies, taking into account that the company is in the process of expansion, the logo has to be versatile, that adapts to different textures and colors, this will allow them to have greater control when offering a broader catalog of products and the end user will have a visual identifier that will be easy to recognize in the market of electric appliances.